“Secrets of the Altai Mountains”
July 11-15, 2020

Denisova cave, Shinok river waterfalls, Chuysky tract,
Korbu waterfall and the pearl of the Altai Mountains – Teletskoe Lake

This tour is specially prepared for travelers who are curious and want to appreciate every moment in their life. The high dynamics of travel and a change in the way and means of transportation will help you to most vividly feel all the charms of the Altai nature, will give you a rest after the busy rhythm of the conference. This tour does not require special physical training or skills; therefore, even a novice traveler can safely participate in it.
Total duration – 5 days / 4 nights
Type of route – mixed, car/bus, boat/motor ship, on foot
Meals: three meals a day, daily.

Submission of application forms is carried by the e-mail address: bgrs2020@bionet.nsc.ru (+ copy at belkova_ov@inbox.ru) with the subject of the letter “Tour to Altai”.


Tour program:
Description of the tour on Russian.

Day 1.
Early in the morning departure from Novosibirsk, a trip to the Soloneshensky district of the Altai Krai (~ 640 km). On the way, we will make a small tour of the historical center of the ancient Siberian city  Biysk, which is more than 300 years old. Accommodation at a camp site in the village of Cherny Anuy for 2 nights.
Excursion to the Denisova Cave, where archaeological excavations are still ongoing. We will be taken into the past, in period 48-50 thousand years ago (!), We will investigate life of people who represents a special branch in the evolution of the genus Homo, different from both Neanderthals and modern people. Archaeological and paleontological materials from the basal deposits of the Denisova Cave date from 133–282 thousand years.

Day 2.
After breakfast from the local cuisine, a fascinating day for a real Altai tourist awaits us. On a special high-passable Altai transport we will reach the tourist parking. Next we have to take a walk (12 km (6 there + 6 back)) along the Shinok River. The walk awaits only those who wish (the rest can stay for recreation at the base). Overcoming descents and ascents, countless streams, we will drink spring water and enjoy incredible views. We will see several waterfalls, the most inaccessible in Altai. The beauty of the pristine nature, physical activity, a picnic lunch and an evening Russian bathhouse after the return trip will help relieve stress and tiredness of city everyday life.

Day 3.
After breakfast, we leave the hotel and make excursion to the arboretum “Altai Kholmogorye”.
Then we will travel by bus along the Chuysky tract (~ 335 km.) Along the banks of the rapid Katun and calm Biya rivers to the pearl of Gorny Altai – Teletskoye Lake. There will be a stop for lunch and relaxation along the way. Accommodation at a tourist base in Artybash village for 2 nights. Recreation.

Day 4.
A fast boat (or motor ship) will take as along the water surface of Lake Teletskoye. You will enjoy the views of the waterfalls, including the Korbu, Kishte waterfalls and streams flowing into the lake, the cliffs and the beauties of the coastal reserve, you will visit the shores of a stone bay (they say this is a meteorite fall site …). You will learn why Teletskoye Lake is called “Golden” and you will feel the energy of this second, after Baikal, freshwater lake in Russia.

Day 5.
After breakfast, we will continue to relax on the shores of Lake Teletskoye. We climb to one of the observation platforms, next to the lake and enjoy the views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Those who wish can walk along the shore of the lake on horseback or on foot. After lunch, we will return by a beautiful forest road that runs from Artybash on the shore of Lake Teletskoye to Novosibirsk. We will arrive in Novosibirsk late in the evening.


Minor changes are possible in the program (as agreed with the group customer).

The tour price includes:
– 2 nights accommodation at a camp site in the Solonesh district of the Altai Territory,
– 2 nights accommodation at a camp site in the village of Artybash (Lake Teletskoye),
– bath  (banya) on the second day,
– all minibus transfers from Novosibirsk to Novosibirsk (luggage in trailers)
– excursion by boat or motor ship on Lake Teletskoye with a stop at Korbu Falls.
– excursion to the Denisova cave,
– pedestrian tour to the waterfalls of the Shinok River,
– excursion to the arboretum “Altai Kholmogorye”,
– a tour of the historical center of Biysk,
– Visit to the observation deck on Lake Teletskoe,
– 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) on all days, from the 1st to the 5th day,
– guide (including English-speaking).

Tour cost: 33 300 rub. (433 euro), 18 people in the group.