Enlarged clinical Belarusians\’ exomes: opportunities and restrictions of additional analysis

Poster (download) Aleh Liaudanski1, Danat Yermakovich21ICG NAS, Minsk, Belarus, bioinfgroup@igc.by2ICG NAS, Minsk, Belarus, danatyermakovich@gmail.com The new era of large NGS comes to Belarus. With the quite fast production of big data in wet labs, the problem of processing and analysis it raises up. We as a young bioinformatics group faced the necessarily recycling data for system analysis versus routine clinical investigations on the presence of pathogenic variants.В  According to the type of data, we chose the population genetics field. After the common variant calling from enlarged clinical exomes NGS Illumina data, we expect to get plausibly infers for the Belarusian population using generally known types of analysis. The obtained already PCA plot shows the distinction of Belarussians from other 1000G populations.

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