Assembly and annotation pipeline for microorganism genomes from sequence to gene networks

by Demenkov P.S. | Lashin S.A. | Ivanisenko V.A. | Institute of Cytology and Genetics SB RAS 

Microorganisms of natural and technogenic ecosystems represent an inexhaustible pool of
metabolic pathways for the utilization of some compounds and the biosynthesis of others.
Modern experimental technologies of genetics and microbiology provide an effective search
in microbiological collections for new strains of microorganisms promising for
biotechnological applications, as well as full sequencing of their genomes. As a result of
experimental studies, large amounts of genetic data are generated. Their analysis requires
the involvement of modern information and computer technologies, which make it possible,
on the basis of genomic information, to reconstruct the gene networks that control the
production of target substances.
This poster proposes a software pipeline for assembly, annotation of sequenced genomes of
microorganisms and reconstruction of their gene networks.