The abstracts approved by the panel of experts from the sections and symposia will be recommended for full-text paper publication in special journal issues (the list is below). The papers’ titles should be submitted to the Organizing Committee in advance (, copy to, full text – before August 2022.
Please contact the Committee in order to have the discount codes for full-text submission to these special issues. The BGRS/SB-2022 registration itself doesn’t include open access payment for the full-text publication.
Please contact organizing committee ( Papers for special journal issues could be recommended by the experts from all the sessions and symposia of the Multi-Conference. 

The list of journals:

Frontiers in Genetics
(Q1 Scopus, Q2 WOS, publisher payment is not included in registration fee).
Topic – genetics, medical aspects, genomics, bioinformatics

International journal of Molecular Sciences (MDPI IJMS)
(Q1 Scopus and WOS, publisher payment is not included in registration fee).
Topic – biotechnologymolecular biology, genomics, bioinformatics

– Genes (MDPI)

Genes flyerGenes journal information

– Cells (MDPI)
(Q1 Scopus and WOS).
For any question you can contact Prof. Inna Lavrik (

– Bioinformatics and Biology Insights
(Q1 Scopus, Q2 WOS).

Submission guidelines: english

– Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
(Q3 Scopus, free).

– Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics
(Q2 Scopus, free).

Molecular Biology  (Russian)
(Q4 Scopus, free)

Topic – molecular biology, genomics

Publications can be made on both russian and english languages. They must be sent up to 25 of July, 2022.

Author guidelines: english, russian
To ask any questions or send the manuscript, contact the editor, Prof. Inna Lavrik (