Potential bacteriophage recombination sites inside genes containing cysteine repeats

by Sorokina Nadezhda | Daugavet Maria | Applied Genomics Laboratory, SCAMT Institute, ITMO
University, Saint Petersburg, Russia | Laboratory of Noncoding DNA, Institute of Cytology, Russian
Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Prokaryotic-specific domains are often found in eukaryotic organisms. This event is often
associated with horizontal gene transfer and some studies have considered viruses as
putative vectors of gene transfer. A previous study has identified specific eukaryotic
cysteine repeats adjacent to bacteriophage recombination sites (Attp) in the ascidian
genome. A pattern of cysteine repeats was detected.
A datasets with proteins containing and not containing cysteine repeats was created.
Bacteriophage recombination sites were searched in each datasets. Compared with the
control group without cysteine repeats, it can be concluded that Attp was more frequently
found in the dataset containing cysteine repeats