Re-analysis of DNA methylation data from tuberculosisinfected individuals with a focus on target genes

by Babushkina Nadezhda | Bragina Elena | Gonchrova Irina | Markov Anton | Kucher Aksana | Nazarenko
Maria | Research Institute of Medical Genetics, Tomsk National Research Medical Center RAS, Tomsk,

Along with the structural variability of the genome, epigenetic modifications can be
significant for susceptibility to various, including infectious diseases. The aim of this study
was to re-analyze the differential methylation of genes (DMG), for which associations with
tuberculosis and its pathogenetically significant features were previously established, as
well as for those of interest from the point of view of studying the phenomenon of reverse
comorbidity of asthma and tuberculosis.
We showed, that DNA methylation is important in TB development. The differential value of
DNA methylation of 13 target genes associated with TB, as well as the localization of these
sites in the binding regions of transcription factors involved in the development of the
immune response to infection, confirm the involvement of protein products of target genes
in the pathogenesis of TB.